Interior Plant Experts

Evergreen Plant Service has been providing exceptional interior plant services to the Bay area for over 20 years. Our company is dedicated to a high standard of interior design and aesthetic beauty.

Interior Landscape Design & Maintenance

Evergreen Plant Service is an established, local company providing exceptional interior plant service as well as interior landscape design to commercial properties, offices, hotels, and other businesses throughout the Bay Area.

We have nearly two decades of professional, hands-on experience and an ever-growing passion for interior plant care, overseeing all installations, plant maintenance and customer service. We work to ensure that you have a stunning interior plantscape 365 days a year.

Our plant technicians consist of knowledgeable, well-trained professionals who are committed to providing a truly outstanding service. We are fully insured and offer excellent references.

How Evergreen Plant Service Works For You

New to the plant World? Getting an estimate is FREE and easy!

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    First we meet with you at your office and take a look at your space. Together we decide what type of container, style and color, best suits your needs and compliments your current décor. We have catalogs of plant photos for viewing and can explain which ones will thrive under your available lighting.
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    After your initial consultation, we’ll work up a design that fits within your budget.
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    Once the installation is complete, you’ll enjoy a beautiful plantscape for many years to come. 

Service Area

We service the entire Bay Area & beyond and have satellite offices in Southern California.

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