We provide free consultations and work closely together with you in a manner that meets your budget requirements but does not compromise on quality and content. From initial design, to the installation of your interior plants, Evergreen Plant Service will take care of these needs.  


Every plant design by Evergreen Plant Service compliments the “theme” of the building. We will work closely with you to produce the most innovative and exciting plant design possible.


Installations are done quickly and neatly by our staff. We will work with you to come up with the most appropriate time to install as not to disrupt normal office workflow.

Guaranteed Maintenance Program

Your quality interior plants will continue to impress and thrive with our dependable scheduled maintenance programs. Our highly qualified, knowledgeable and professional plant technicians provide excellent customer service and will ensure the continuity of and beauty of your plantscape.

Purchase or Lease Programs

Upon completed consultation we will promptly provide you with a proposal with both a purchase or lease option for plant materials and containers

Service by our plant technicians includes:

Our Guarantee!

Evergreen Plant Service guarantees all plants. Any plant which loses its decorative value while under our exclusive care will be replaced by EPS with a plant of equal value at no additional cost to you beyond your fixed monthly maintenance fee.