Studies have shown that the addition of natural green design elements such as plants and gardens inside a building offer many benefits. While improving the overall aesthetics of the workplace, living plants have proven to decrease absenteeism, reduce stress, increase productivity and improve the air quality of the indoor environment.

Plants Help Reduce Stress

Most of us instinctively realize that being close to greenery makes us feel more at ease with our surroundings. We experience less stress when there are plants around us. Buildings are quieter and more relaxed but, at the same time, more stimulating and interesting. A substantial body of academic research has shown conclusively that interior landscaping produces positive effects on people indoors .

Healthy and Happy

People in offices are more productive, take fewer sick days, make fewer mistakes, and they are happier when plants enhance their environment. Lush live foliage plants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to work or relax. Research clearly tells us that people do respond positively to the presence of plants in buildings. Healthy, well-maintained plants in well-designed displays enhances the character and appearance of an office and improve the psychological and physical wellbeing of its occupants. Above all, interior landscaping has been shown to be a sound investment by lifting moods, encouraging creative thinking, helping to boost productivity and assisting in better air quality. All of these benefits make live plants an easy choice to make. Give us a call to get started today!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Aside from the visual benefits your new foliage will provide, studies have shown that live interior plants remove dangerous toxins from the air that we breathe, enhances our sense of good health, increases worker productivity and morale. Additionally, plants in the workplace project an image of success and create client and employee goodwill.